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Steamed: How to Bend Bow Wood II

I can’t begin to explain how monumentally important it is for me to be able to steam wood so that it will easily bend to the contours of a bow-making form. So I won’t bother trying.

Here’s the finished steamer set up on top of the other bow heater — the sacred glue-up oven.

steamer setup

And here are remaining details on how the steamer came to this state and what happened next…

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Steamed: How to Bend Wood for Bows

BrokeStick reached an important milestone: A DIM* bow wood steamer.

pipe horiz
This is a 4″ diameter PVC pipe, the body of the wood steamer. It came with the 4B, back when the 4B was a mere barn (1B).

Why would you want to steam wood?

To bend it. You want to bend wood to effect Reflex, Deflex and Recurve — Snow White’s personal archers.

Steaming is a good way to prep wood for bending. Or so I’m told. We’ll see.

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Arrows: Thoughts on Spine, Imperfection & the Beginner

nine arrows
These little darlings are my “just shootin'” arrows. They’re in rough shape. They’ve endured hours of abuse. Exactly what their spines might be remains a mystery to their owner. All of them, nonetheless, are sometimes capable of flying straight and hitting the intended mark. Go figure.

One of the first questions you’ll want to avoid as a newbien archer is: what spine weight should my arrows be?

And the (my) answer is….

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Zombie Jackalope Encounter

Zombie Jackalope 2

Oh no! Help me! It’s a zombie jackalope!

Well, shoot, I’m not really scared. This zombie jackalope made the mistake of wandering into the 4B*.

Moments after I shot him (I think it’s a him) with a Nikon, I perforated his undead bunny self with a volley of 400-grain carbon skewers. He kept coming till I finally got off a head shot. The FBI (Feral Bunny Institute) asked me not to post pictures of the re-dead body. Too graphic. They don’t want to incite an infestation. Me? I say, “bring it”.

*4B = BrokeStick Bow Builder’s Barn.

Target Acquired II: The Making of an Archery Target

You can find the first portion of this continuing saga yonder. And you’ll need to check it out if what follows makes even less sense than ever.

Here is the target:
The apparent sloppiness of this burlap-with-a- deer-painted-on slung over target backing is actually meticulously rendered to symbolize the chaos of Nature herself. So there.

OK, so you cautiously followed my instructions and built yourself a target using nothing but foam insulation board, duct tape and knife. Then you shot the stuffings out of the centermost part of it. Because you are a good marksmanperson. But alors! Now the arrows pass clean through the middle, out the back end, and, well, I guess we can get another cat.

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Boo Ipe Fiber Saga Denoument … Maybe

I think I’m done messin’ with my erstwhile Frankenbow turned Feenix wonder bow. It’s draw weight is out of my left arm’s zip code and I’m afraid if I touch it to the scraper or sander again it will be once too much.

I’m going to fine sand it. Finish it. And leave it. Feenix is a working bow that’s a bit too heavy for me, at least at this time. It shoots very well. Looks OK enough. Why bother it further? I have other bows that need making.

I’m calling this project a success. Thanks to my inexperience, impatience and ineptitude, I was able to experiment with three substances I knew very little about outside of what I’d read. Now I know more.

The substances are:

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