Bow Scale: First Look at a New Tool

Here is my new bow scale, a present from my lovely assistant.

bow scale 1

I had been checking my bows’ draw weights using a bathroom scale and a 2×4. Now I have this guy and let me tell you …

I’m getting pretty much the same readings.  And that’s good news. Tells me my bathroom scale is still accurate — when it works. The thing gives strange readings. Step on it five times, you get five or six different readings.

Anyway, this bow scale promises hours of fun and reasonable accuracy. Plus I don’t look like quite the idiot I used to hauling the bathroom scale out to the 4B* to check bow weights. What must the neighbors have thought?

scale hook

That hook-looking thing is a hook thing that you hook onto your bow string. You wrap your first two fingers around the cross pipe and pull back.

scale set

This photo’s too dark. Fire the photographer! If you squint you can see a little black plastic doohickey at about the 17-pound mark. That moves when you string the scale and draw your bow.

scale drawn close

See how the little black doohickey now records 55 pounds?

What’s nice, I guess, about this scale, is, because you use it while drawing the bow, it gives you, supposedly, the weight at your actual draw length.

Thing is, if you pull back to your normal anchor point, the string will be at least an inch shy of where it would normally be. So you have to pull the hook thing back to your normal draw length.

Not a big deal. And frankly, I think this is a great scale for the casual to semi-serious shooter or bow maker.

I tried it on the tiller and got readings I might have expected because of the bathroom scale numbers. But the true bow scale is one heck of a lot easier to use, carry, be seen with, and so on. I like it. Thanks lovely assistant. I owe another one.

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