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Bow Limb Lamination Grinder — Build One

pad 1 pieceThree-quarter-inch-thick MDF (Medium Density Fiber — no idea what that means, but there you have it) cut from a 4’x8′ slab purchased from Home Depot or Lowes for around $35.

If you started here and didn’t go directly to the design source of this machine (Jim Thorne’s How to Build a Simple Lamination Grinder), you probably want to see what happens when a inept dilettante tries to make and use one of these things. Ha ha! I shall not disappoint!

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Bow Build: Walnut Bamboo Longbow, Glue Up

glue pot
I use Smooth-On EA 40, a two-part epoxy, for bow body laminations. It’s easy to measure, mix and use. Cost: $35.50 (plus shipping) from 3Rivers Archery. Expensive? No. I’ve done at least 10 glue-ups and have enough for at least three or four more.

It’s glue-up time. Part 1 of this walnut-boo bow build is here.

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Steamed: How to Make a Bow Wood Steamer III

I can’t say this experiment was a failure. I feel I have insufficient evidence to draft a final judgment. I do know this: the steamer tube bent and then held its shape better than the bamboo. And I clamped the bamboo down fresh from the nearly liquidified tube.

Here’s a gratuitous clamp collection photo:


And now for the end result….

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Steamed: How to Bend Bow Wood II

I can’t begin to explain how monumentally important it is for me to be able to steam wood so that it will easily bend to the contours of a bow-making form. So I won’t bother trying.

Here’s the finished steamer set up on top of the other bow heater — the sacred glue-up oven.

steamer setup

And here are remaining details on how the steamer came to this state and what happened next…

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Steamed: How to Bend Wood for Bows

BrokeStick reached an important milestone: A DIM* bow wood steamer.

pipe horiz
This is a 4″ diameter PVC pipe, the body of the wood steamer. It came with the 4B, back when the 4B was a mere barn (1B).

Why would you want to steam wood?

To bend it. You want to bend wood to effect Reflex, Deflex and Recurve — Snow White’s personal archers.

Steaming is a good way to prep wood for bending. Or so I’m told. We’ll see.

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