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Traditional Bowyer’s Bible Volume Two: Read

Bowyers Bible Vols 1 n 2
The Traditional Bowyer’s Bible Volumes One and Two (or Two and One if you’re reading the photo left to right). An amazing compendium of lore, from how-to to who used what when.

Just when you think the body of bowyerism knowledge is exhausted — read the chapter on string making in Vol. II — the authors of the Traditional Bowyer’s Bible open up all new avenues of bowyeristic mysticism.

I just finished the second volume. The G. Fred Asbell chapter on improving accuracy was immediately helpful. The rest….

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Steamed: How to Make a Bow Wood Steamer III

I can’t say this experiment was a failure. I feel I have insufficient evidence to draft a final judgment. I do know this: the steamer tube bent and then held its shape better than the bamboo. And I clamped the bamboo down fresh from the nearly liquidified tube.

Here’s a gratuitous clamp collection photo:


And now for the end result….

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Steamed: How to Bend Bow Wood II

I can’t begin to explain how monumentally important it is for me to be able to steam wood so that it will easily bend to the contours of a bow-making form. So I won’t bother trying.

Here’s the finished steamer set up on top of the other bow heater — the sacred glue-up oven.

steamer setup

And here are remaining details on how the steamer came to this state and what happened next…

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