Frabjous Day

3Rivers tapeLove to see this packing tape. It means another shipment from 3Rivers Archery has arrived. In this case, more Dacron B-50 and a jazzy nock serving widget — birthday swag from St. Roslyn herself.

Note: I mention 3Rivers Archery Supplies with some frequency. And that’s because I like and trust the shop. I mention Sam Harper a lot, too. Neither 3R nor Sam knows me and I receive nothing but satisfaction when linking to them. I discovered 3R while reading Sam’s bow-builds.

There are other sites that cater to traditional-style archers and builders. Bingham Projects is one such. I take it from builds I’ve seen online that Bingham is known for it’s bow kits. Since I just learned that they sell Smooth On EA 40 by the quart and gallon, I’ll probably be ordering from Bingham very soon.

At some point, I’ll post a list of online suppliers. They’re not hard to find. Lancaster Archery Supply is another I just thought of.

I feel pretty secure in mentioning Bingham and Lancaster because lots of trad archers show warm regard for them.



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