Lighten Up! Scraping Bow Wood Off the Sides

iboofib belly3
Don’t know if you can tell, but this aint the best bow photo in the history of the human race. The pinkish thing is the bow. I do sort of like the wacky wavy wood background.

Now that I have the pic on the post, I’m not sure it shows the enormity of my reduction job.

I took the Feenix, a bamboo, ipe, fiberglass Frankenbow hybrid crossbreed mix thing, from paddle to pyramid shape. To save me from repeating myself and so that you can get the full radiation exposure to the backstory, part 1 and part 2.

Or, you can always wade in with…

The Summary: I build an ipe bamboo bow. Made the boo too thick. Scraped away so much ipe it started lifting and separating from the boo back. Slapped some experimental fiberglass on the belly (yes, belly), ovened it, cooled it, sanded off the dross, and got me a 80-pound draw weight that warped everything from my trapezium to my pisiform. Plus the new belly scrude up mine beautiful tiller job. So I narrowed the limbs to improve tiller and bring down weight. And now….

I have a skinny, 70-pound @ 28″ bow with an improved tiller.

iboofib tilled

And at 28″ …

iboofib at 28

Perfect? No. Darn. But better than …


And about 10 pounds lighter. But still too heavy for me to shoot more than three times between visits to the orthopedist.

I’m tempted to leave it as is. But …

If I do that, in reality, it’s a surrender. I should keep working the bow till I get it near enough to where I want it. I’ve come close to scrapping it twice. Why stop now? Sometimes, a broke stick is better than surrender. This is one of those times.


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