All a Quiver: How Not to Make a Tree Bark Arrow Quiver

first cut

The video below, part 1 of two parts, shows how any well adjusted person might make a quiver out of PVC pipe and various other materiel. Only two things about this video bother me: its velocity and it makes too much sense.

OK, I definitely need to make a PVC quiver. And share every last detail of the adventure.

This next video is fascinating. The guy makes a quiver out of tree bark (as opposed, I suppose, to dog bark, which I imagine would be more difficult but yield a far lighter product). He takes you carefully through the bark peeling process, but you can skip ahead a ways if you’re over caffienated. There’s a cordage bonus piece in here, too.

Can you believe he used a non-motorized saw to fell that poplar? Must have a lot of time on his hands.

Anyway, I need to try this. A couple trees come to mind. Ah, a third just now came to mind. I’m definitely going to attempt a bark quiver.

See how much stuff you can learn on Youtube?

OK, so┬ánow that you know how to do it right, I’ll show you how I do it.

Log full
Here’s the marvelous chunk of wood that whispered “quiver me timber” to me.

boneshakerNow this is a saw. It will separate the quiver part of the log from the firewood part of the log.

bark split
Frankly, this splitting and peeling thing is a whole lot easier than I thought. Child’s play, really.

After this photo was taken, the job went south. I cut through the bark once, then twice, then maybe a few more times. The ends frayed, then cracked.

I got the bark off. But not in one unbroken quiver-like whole.

bark removed
I almost gave up at this point. Note the number of pieces. Not supposed to be “pieces”. Supposed to be piece. But then I remembered: I don’t even know how to spell sirendur kwit.

The challenge.

tape job
The response.


Yeah, this goes down as an unqualified failure. I can use the bark and chunks of wood as, at minimum, fuel for the fire. But what a complete waste of duct tape.

What went wrong?

Well, me for one. But this might have worked if the wood had been just-cut green.

I plan to try this again.

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