Robin Hood: BrokeStick’s First Rear End Collision

rhood 2

I’ve put holes in aluminum arrows, shattered carbon arrows, shot off fletching, and broke I don’t know how many knocks. But this is the first time I did a Robin Hood. Here’s how…..

Sheer luck.

rhood extreme rear POV

My first thought was, “What’s wrong with that arrow? It looks like it stopped in mid air. Then I realized … no.


rhood rear angle

I’m shooting a fat target point, so all it split was the knock. The rear-ended arrow is still good.

rhood very close 1

Notice the struck arrow is missing a feather. I’ve been shooting that sucker for months with just two wings. Works fine.

rhood rear 2

OK, now I have to go all humble. This group and robin hood were shot at around 7 yards. So it’s not a great group by any stretch. Still, the hood felt good.

So I add this gratuitous photo.rhood very close 2

Brother James said Myth Buster claim this can’t be done. I assume they mean deliberately. I don’t know. There are some awfully good archers out there. But who knows. I know I never expected to do it. And with a target point.


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