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Bow Limb Lamination Grinder — Build One

pad 1 pieceThree-quarter-inch-thick MDF (Medium Density Fiber — no idea what that means, but there you have it) cut from a 4’x8′ slab purchased from Home Depot or Lowes for around $35.

If you started here and didn’t go directly to the design source of this machine (Jim Thorne’s How to Build a Simple Lamination Grinder), you probably want to see what happens when a inept dilettante tries to make and use one of these things. Ha ha! I shall not disappoint!

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Arrows: Thoughts on Spine, Imperfection & the Beginner

nine arrows
These little darlings are my “just shootin'” arrows. They’re in rough shape. They’ve endured hours of abuse. Exactly what their spines might be remains a mystery to their owner. All of them, nonetheless, are sometimes capable of flying straight and hitting the intended mark. Go figure.

One of the first questions you’ll want to avoid as a newbien archer is: what spine weight should my arrows be?

And the (my) answer is….

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