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How to Make a Continuous Loop Bow String

string tools and materialFrom left to right: homemade serving jig, bowstring wax (with beeswax barely visible behind it), Brownell’s Dacron B-50 string, waxed, from 3Rivers Archery, which I love.

FYI: The string referred to in this post is the one I made for the walnut bamboo longbow in this series. The critique of that bow follows this string thing because one needs a string to shoot the bow for critique purposes.

If you really want to learn to make a bowstring, fly to the bottom of this post and check out my string mentor, Nick Tomihama’s videos. The videos below are the ones I watched before attempting my first string.

On the other hand, if you’re killing time or want to wade in to string making, read on…..

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Bamboo Walnut Longbow Build, Finish Lines

When we last left the bamboo walnut longbow build, we saw how linseed oil brings wood color to life.handle finished profileBehold, the handle and fades. The limbs are walnut backed with bamboo. The too-thick yellow chunk is yellowheart. And the stripey stuff is aptly named zebrawood, AKA zebrano. If I were to build exactly this bow again, I’d make the yellowheart layer no thicker than the bamboo. I’d also do something truly crazy: extend the handle woods into the fades.

Previous stages in this build: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

After the linseed oil bath, another color treatment remains. This time, the bamboo gets it. A baptism of fire. Very dangerous business…..

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Walnut Bamboo Longbow Build: Final Filings

profile longLong skinny objects that aren’t fashion models are not easy to photograph, especially in a barn. Here’s the walnut-bamboo flatbow/longbow at the need-to-carve-the-handle phase.

This post continues the walnut-bamboo flatbow type longbow build. Part 1 and Part 2

The handle is glued up and posing for photos. At this point, photography is a form of procrastination, rather than a distracting chore. Because the next step feels really dangerous…..

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Bow Build: Walnut Bamboo Longbow, Glue Up

glue pot
I use Smooth-On EA 40, a two-part epoxy, for bow body laminations. It’s easy to measure, mix and use. Cost: $35.50 (plus shipping) from 3Rivers Archery. Expensive? No. I’ve done at least 10 glue-ups and have enough for at least three or four more.

It’s glue-up time. Part 1 of this walnut-boo bow build is here.

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Bow Build: Walnut Bamboo Longbow, Stage One

bow embryo
The two planks dominating the foreground comprise a bow in its embrionic form. You wouldn’t call them embrybows. But I would.

The darker piece is domestic walnut, black walnut. The lighter piece is bamboo. The walnut will be the belly, the bamboo the back. Bamboo makes good back.

Together, they’ll make a 68″ longbow or flatbow. Far as I know, unless you’re talking English longbow, flat and long are more or less swappable. As far as I know.

Now, let’s get to work on this thing.

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