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Bow Limb Lamination Grinder — Build One

pad 1 pieceThree-quarter-inch-thick MDF (Medium Density Fiber — no idea what that means, but there you have it) cut from a 4’x8′ slab purchased from Home Depot or Lowes for around $35.

If you started here and didn’t go directly to the design source of this machine (Jim Thorne’s How to Build a Simple Lamination Grinder), you probably want to see what happens when a inept dilettante tries to make and use one of these things. Ha ha! I shall not disappoint!

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Bow Limb Lamination Grinder … What?

base piecesEight cuts of MDF. They will form the base of the grinder.

BrokeStick bow building got to the point where it needed a lamination grinder — a device that would not only grind a stick of wood to a desired thickness, but grind a taper into it as well. Didn’t need to search far and wide. Fortunately, a guy named Jim Thorne (AKA jwillis) built one and was generous enough to share the design with the world.

But does it work? Especially in the inept hands of the BrokeStick cohort?

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