World Archery TV on Youtube

Don’t worry, this woman’s neck is not being broken by her coach.

A brief scan of World Archery TV failed to uncover any love for traditional bows, archers, or wood arrows. But, if you enjoy watching serious-looking people take turns squinting through peep sites, fingering releases, and popping shafts into yon tiny bullseye, WAT could be what you’ve been waiting for.

Me personally, I need to be in the mood. But ….

While it moves sloth-slow and lot’s of time passes between exciting moments of release and target penetration, for die-hard archery fans, it’s probably better than watching the golf.

The guys in this Lancaster Archery vid are less exotic (or differently exotic?) than Aida Roman above. I confess, I’m fidgety this morning; I could only watch through the opening couple shots.

Don’t know about you, but I’m hungry for bacon.

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